✔ You have the right to decide who can tow your vehicle and to what location unless otherwise directed by police.
    ✔ If you choose, you can pay by credit card.
    ✔ A permission to tow form must be signed before towing starts, unless you have an auto club membership.
    ✔ During business hours, you can access your vehicle to get your personal items, while it's stored at a towing facility.
    ✔ The towing company must provide you with an itemized invoice, before receiving payment.
    ✔ A tow operator must notify you where your vehicle will be towed.
    ✔ Final bill cannot be more than 10% above the quoted price.
    ✔ Tow operators must disclose if they are receiving a financial incentive for towing your vehicle to a particular vehicle storage facility or repair shop.

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