What’s a Single Supplement?

Travel is an adventure that can change even the most stoic of individuals. It inspires and encourages us to get further in touch with ourselves – especially when we travel on our own.

Travelling solo can allow for deep contemplation and a sense of wonder that differs from what we encounter when we’re part of a group. If you want to explore the world on your own terms, the first step is research: think about where you’d like to go and what you’d like to see, and be sure to stop in at your nearest CAA Travel Store to speak with any of our CAA Travel Professionals.

While doing the research, you may have come across the term single supplement. A single supplement is a charge paid by a solo traveller to compensate a hotel or cruise ship for losses incurred because only one person is using a room or cabin. Most hotel rooms and ship cabins are built with the assumption that at least two people will occupy them. In fact, nearly all hotel and cruise pricing is based on double occupancy.

Single supplements range from 10 to 100 per cent of the double occupancy rate. Unfortunately, avoiding the single supplement isn't easy. Some cruise lines and tour operators offer a roommate finding service; you can avoid the single supplement if you sign up to be matched with another solo traveller. A few tour companies cater exclusively to single travellers, while others offer a limited selection of supplement-free itineraries.

Another option for avoiding the single supplement is joining CAA’s Solo Traveller Club. These tours, like the upcoming Captivating Costa Rica tour, are single supplement-free and everyone gets their own room. At the Solo Traveller Club we also do the work to find you cruise and tour itineraries that come at half-price or with no single supplements. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to find out more about the club or call 1-855-402-4636 today.