Flyin’ Solo! Where to Next?

The million dollar question is always, “Where to Next?’. We are constantly in planning mode, dreaming up new ideas for unique experiences, re-searching new destinations, and talking to our Solo Club members about what they want to do next. Here’s a sneak peek into our future travel bag of tricks. If you’d like us to keep your name on the waiting list for if and when a product is released, please do so. This will guarantee that you will be amongst the first to hear about our new tour. We’re loyal to our Solo Traveller Club members, so each time a new tour is released we always reach out in priority to our Past Passengers, Waitlist Passengers, and Solo Traveller Club before the tour is actually released to the public.

CAA Solo Traveller Wishlist - Sicily 2018
CAA Solo Traveller Wishlist - Africa 2018
CAA Solo Traveller Wishlist - Peru 2018
CAA Solo Traveller Wishlist - I have another idea