CAA offers a wide range of affordable life insurance plans to meet the needs of you and your family.  There's a Life Insurance Plan for all circumstances. CAA Life Insurance allows you to choose both the type and amount of coverage that's right for you so you won't end up paying for something that you don't need.

5-Year Term Life

Money may be tight with all the new expenses coming your way. That's why the lower rates of a short-term life insurance plan may be a practical choice for you right now. Plus, the younger you are when you apply, the more affordable it will be because rates are guaranteed not to increase for up to five years.

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Multi-Term Life

If you want long-term protection for your family and assets, CAA Multi-Term Life insurance is the ideal choice. Offering you an affordable way to help safeguard your loved ones' financial future, these term life insurance plans are available to Canadian residents aged 18 to 65 (10-Year Term), 18 to 60 (15-Year Term) and 18 to 55 (20-Year Term).

Member exclusive benefit: Your coverage will increase by 2 per cent every year – at no extra cost to you (for up to 5 years).

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Lifetime Protection

With all that your family is enjoying right now, will they be able to survive the loss of income should something happen to you? How can you leave enough money for them to live on while also protecting the fruits of your life-long labour and fulfilling commitments? You're covered for the rest of your life so no matter what time brings, your family is always protected.

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Guaranteed Issue Life

Most Canadians find it's not easy getting adequate insurance coverage especially if they have a medical condition. Not anymore. If you're a CAA Member between the ages of 40 and 75, you can get affordable life insurance coverage - guaranteed. No medical exams when you apply. No long medical questionnaires. Just one simple application form.

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CAA FollowMe™ Life

Concerned you'll have difficulty finding replacement life insurance coverage, due to your age or health, when your group life coverage ends? Our FollowMe™ Life Insurance provides adequate life insurance protection when your group life insurance coverage ends.

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CAA EarlyStart™ Child Term Life

In the event that the unthinkable happens to your child, expenses should be the last thing on your mind. If tragedy strikes your child or grandchild, CAA EarlyStart™ plan will ensure that financial considerations don't add to your family's burden, with a tax-free lump-sum payment of up to $35,000. Plus your child or grandchild will have the option of converting their life insurance coverage to CAA 5-Year Term Life or 20-Year Term Life when they become an adult, without a medical exam or questionnaire required at the time of conversion.

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