The CAA app is perfect for travel. The trips and travel feature offers GPS style navigation powered by Google Maps for  iPhone, iPad and Android users. The map also displays hotels, local businesses, CAA offices, campgrounds and more! Save your travel and insurance agent information, and call them directly from within the app. Quickly get a route to an address or a selected point of interest and follow displayed turn-by-turn directions. Use the app to enhance your TripTik experience, especially when you have not planned stopovers in your TripTik route. It also comes in handy when a diversion from your planned route arises.

Triptik Mobile updates the map and icons as you travel and you select the categories you want to see.

You can even tap a hotel or restaurant icon and get travel information including the Diamond Rating for each property and notes from CAA/AAA professional inspectors. View lodging images and make reservations at the touch of a button. The app also has a roadside assistance section, allowing CAA Members to call for assistance and transfer your GPS coordinates to CAA.

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ALSO AVAILABLE: The CAA Ontario Bike Assist App. You’ll get access to scenic and popular trails delivered straight to your smartphone!